The Seven Deadly Sins Art Piece

The Seven Deadly Sins Art Piece

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A piece we did for a gallery opening in June. Want to make your own? Read on!

First off, you’re going to need a skeleton. You can buy a life size one if you want but they’re pretty expensive and unnecessary. I ended up buying this one from Amazon for around $90.

Next is the paint. Make sure that you’re buying paint that you can use on plastic, a multi-surface paint is preferred. This is one I used. BUT FIRST, make sure you get a primer in order to help the adhesion of the paint to the plastic. This stuff is a lifesaver and can save you from the extra 3 coats of paint or sanding you’d need to get it to stick. From here it’s pretty straight forward, just paint everything. It’ll take a couple of coats even with the primer but that’s just the way it is. Make sure you have a smaller brush in order to get into those crevices in the coccyx and vertebrae.  For the skull, I recommend dipping it in paint or pouring it over in order to get a nice even coat. Let dry between coats at least 8 hours. Maybe more depending on the paint. Just keep checking back to see if it’s still wet or not.

For the background I chose to use Elmer’s foam board from Michael’s. This stuff tends to sell out quick so I would recommend grabbing a pack of them in case you mess up. This particular pack is around $9. From here, all you need is some white paint and go to town painting your words. Be free with it, experiment a bit. Trust me, it’ll look okay.

After you let everything dry, you’re done! You’ve got a badass art project.


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